RolliBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

RolliBot is probably the cheapest robotic vacuum cleaner that can be used for disinfecting the floors. Apart from that, the device has all of the basic features other robots have. It can sweep, mop, and vacuum all kinds of floors and carpets. That’s not all RolliBot has to offer! Learn more about the robots bellow.

RolliBot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuuming robot comes with a UV sterilizing lamp, which uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms like molds, viruses and all kinds of bacteria. In addition, the cleaner has a powerful motor that produces a high suction power, thus enabling it to clean dirt, hair, debris and whatever might be on your floor or stuck in your carpet.

RolliBot Robot Vacuum CleanerIf you wish to mop hard floors with RolliBot, all you got to do is attach the microfiber cloth and set the appropriate cleaning program. Speaking of cleaning programs, this device is very easy to set. To do that, you can use the remote controller or press the buttons on the device. You can pick from 5 different cleaning programs, which are Auto, Scheduled, Spot, Zig-Zag andEdge. What happens then is that the robot will clean the floor on its own, without a need for you to do anything.

RolliBot Robot Vacuum CleanerRolliBot is equipped with a set of sensors which enable it to move past obstacles such as furniture, cables, etc. They also keep the robot away from falling down the stairs and prevent it from getting stuck under certain pieces of furniture. The sensors will decide whether it can go under the furniture without problems. Because it’s only 3.3 inches in height, this robot cleaner will easily clean areas bellow your bed, sofas, etc.

RolliBot Robot Vacuum CleanerThe item features a superb battery, which allows it to clean continuously for more than 100 minutes. When the battery is at the minimum, the robot will find its way to the dock to get it recharged.

If you have problems with allergies or simply want to keep your home as clean as possible, this machine should be your pick. The unit will clean and disinfect the floors in your house automatically. If this isn’t enough to persuade you to get one, its price surely will! RolliBot is one of the cheapest robots you can find on the market today, even compared with robots that only include a basic set of features.